We focus our efforts on unifying efforts to expand the markets for fruit and berries, introducing new technologies, attracting investment, protecting against raiding, promoting the level of training of gardeners and agronomists.

International representation, search of foreign partners and expansion of markets

Support the certification process, in accordance with the requirements of the market, where it is planned to implement the products

Branch tasting commission UKRSADVINPROM

Investment attraction (grants, private investors) in order to expand production

The organization of joint purchases of protection of plants and fertilizers at wholesale prices

Marketing support: development of PR-materials, registration and promotion of trade marks, organization of participation in domestic and international exhibitions


03022 Україна, Київ

вул. Васильківська, 37 оф. 414




т.: +38 (044) 257 42 07
+38 (068) 703 93 93


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