Results of the work of the Ukrsadvinprom Public Union

  • The positive decisions of the court regarding payables under the budget program 2801350 "State support for the development of hop harvesting, laying of young gardens, vineyards and berries and supervision over them" amounting to over 45 million UAH.

  • An active participation of the Ukrainian Association of Horticulture and Mud Horticulture in the formation of the State Budget of Ukraine for 2017 has been ensured with regard to the allocation of UAH 75 million of state support;

  • With the support of the Ukrainian Association of Horticulture and Mud Horticulture, products of fruit, berry and stone products more than 4,000 tons were exported for 2016 - 2017 gg.

  • Negotiations and contacts with 36 representatives of embassies were conducted. Including Indonesia, India, Vietnam, Pakistan in relation to the export of products.

  • The issue of obtaining certification of Global G.A.P. for sales in the countries of the European Union and a network of supermarkets.

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