Beverage manufacturers are given the "green light"!

Beverage manufacturers are given the "green light"!

A round table of heads of horticultural, berry farms and honey beekeepers, dedicated to the peculiarities of production of natural high-quality wines, juices, ciders and other beverages will be held on June 20 during the III International Conference "From land to finished product". The two-day event - June 20-21 - will include an informative conference, a conference day in Kyiv at the Bratislava Hotel and a business tour. The organizers are the publishing project "Technology and Innovation" and the magazine "Horticulture and Viticulture. TI "- aims to promote and implement modern technologies for growing and processing fruits, berries and nuts, as well as promoting the revival of traditional Ukrainian drinks based on fruits, berries and honey, the production of other value-added products based on fruits, berries and nuts.

Today in Ukraine berries grow on almost 20 thousand hectares, under orchards about 800 thousand hectares are occupied, beekeeping and honey production are widely developed. Areas are actively developing, and the need for products obtained by processing fruits, berries and honey is increasing. First of all, - drinks that are traditionally inherent in Ukrainian cuisine.

The idea of ​​holding the round table arose in connection with the recently adopted by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine long-awaited law, which opens new opportunities for the development of terroir wines (grapes, fruits, berries and other natural ingredients) and natural honey drinks. The law defines the legal status of small-scale production of wine products, business entities. The document provides for a simplified licensing procedure for small businesses based on the declarative principle. This will promote the opening of new enterprises that will operate solely on their own raw materials, will encourage the development of entire regions through job creation, reduce monopolization and expand the production of domestic high quality competitive products,

But there are a number of problems that need to be addressed. How can a gardener or a berry grower set up his own production, because to create it you need special equipment, ingredients, technological maps? How will the quality control of products made on the basis of grapes, fruits, berries, honey be established at all stages - from the ground to the finished product? What will be the procedure for approving new brands? How can a small producer compete with large enterprises that take a low price, powerful marketing, a developed sales system, etc.? There is a problem with the formation of a culture of consumption of fruit and berry wines and other beverages.

These, and not only, issues will be the main ones during the round table discussion. Leaders of horticultural and berry associations of Ukraine, the Guild of Honey Producers of Ukraine, as well as representatives of state institutions, scientists of specialized institutes are invited to participate. One of the authors of the law, the People's Deputy of Ukraine Robert Horvat, has already confirmed his participation in the discussion.

During the discussion, a final document will be created, which will be addressed to the relevant ministries and agencies in order to work together to create the most favorable field for the development of beverage production based on fruits, berries, honey and other natural ingredients.

For the summer conference, the organizers chose the most relevant topics. Thus, on June 20, as part of the conference day, reports and presentations will be made by representatives of Ukrainian and European technology and horticultural companies, research institutes, government agencies, professional associations and unions. The main sections will be "Horticulture: from gardening to successful harvests", "Processing of fruits, berries and nuts", a new section - "Nut growing". Negotiation tables with retail chains are planned.

Traditionally, there will be an exhibition of new technologies, equipment, ingredients, packaging materials for the production and processing of fruits and berries and products made from them, and a presentation and tasting of beverages and other processed products.

During the business tour on June 21, the conference participants will visit the Institute of Horticulture of NAAS of Ukraine and the family farm "Valentina" (Kyiv region).

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We remind you that for participants of Ukrsadvinprom the participation fee is UAH 1,200.

The event is supported by the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, the Guild of Honey Producers of Ukraine.

The general partner is BASF.

General Technology Partner - VORAN.

The General Legal Partner is the patent law firm Pakharenko & Partners.

The main organizational partner is the Institute of Horticulture of NAAS of Ukraine.

Exclusive Technology Partner - Pigo Srl.

Technological partners are Haygrove, UVC, BTU-Center, Eucalyptus R, Advice & Consulting.

Organizational partners - Public Union "Ukrsadvinprom", FG "Valentina".

The main industry information partners are the magazine "Horticulture and Viticulture. Technologies and Innovations ”,“ Nutcracker ”and“ Berry ”.

General information partner - Interfax-Ukraine News Agency.

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Information partners - the magazine "Agroindustry", the newspaper "Agribusiness Today", Vodochny Editor, news agency "Agraveri", Shuvar-info.

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